Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes & Weapon Codes

Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes are every game lover’s life savior. Your favorite game Borderlands 2 becomes more fun and interesting when you know about the gibbed codes. Basically, the gibbed codes are long codes with a combination of alphabets, numbers and special characters and can be used as mods to your game.

Borderlands 2 is a well-known first-person RPG shooter game released in 2012 and was developed by Gearbox Software. This game has gained tremendous popularity on the web and was the best-selling game in the UK in its first week of release.  It is available on Windows, Linux, Classic Mac OS, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 platforms.

borderlands 2 gibbed codes

The max no. of levels in this game are 50. This game provides a vast number of weapons for its users. You will have to collect them and store them in your backpack to use when needed. For that, you’ll need gibbed codes . If you are new to this game, then we will help you out. Here we will list some of the gibbed codes and will explain how to use them in detail for you. Don’t wait, scroll down to know more.

Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes

The Gibbed codes in Borderlands 2 were created by Rick Gibbed. He has created many mods for the games, but gibbed codes are his most famous creation. A gibbed code will be generally in this format:


You can also buy weapons directly from the vendor or collect them from defeated players. The game provides you six kinds of weapons: pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers. Each weapon has its unique characteristic in the game. You can also modify some of your weapons as you wish. 

List of Borderlands 2 Gibbed Codes

These are all the gibbed codes for Borderlands 2. You can easily get yourself any new item or accessory in the game using these codes.

Infinity Pistols (Damage)

  • Fire: BL2(h/fUO8e0BnEw3Ax/hxDuBhZkmxxN9Nf+E0EybfchIKw3uJS94WW1)
  • Shock: BL2(hxAhZz5bfUSHmRN+LUJXVNTESbux319gygutw8ZkFEycqmA76T38)
  • Corrosive: BL2(h5QiV53rMvaq4vd55NURZZORv969Seh9yk4qeEjD2/wEtv4tVBmE)
  • Infinity: BL2(h2/V3n+mGlXGeO8zxX8PVUyUhQuLayUPJYlikvHB65/Ell/prsQL)​
  • Non-Elemental: BL2(h+CPozePh5J/Vi3jw/jfxd6HZtCMxFCRGksq8axHVGYMTatK1JJw)


  • Nassty Sawbar (Damage): 
  • Wyld Asss Sawbar (Fire Rate): 
  • Nifed Sawbar (Melee): 
  • Fast Bulets Sawbar (Bullet Speed): 
  • Taktikal Sawbar (Stability): 
  • Expandifide Sawbar (Mag Size): 
  • Akurate Sawbar (Accuracy): 

Bekah Assault Rifles

  • Boss Bekah (Damage):  BL2(hwAAAAABKwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xUY/v8jACzDYADw)
  • Wild Bekah (Fire Rate):  BL2(hwAAAADQugqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xYY/v8jAPTCYADw)
  • Cowboy Bekah (Bullet Speed):  BL2(hwAAAABtNwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xcY/v8jAKzCYADw)
  • Deadshot Bekah (Accuracy):  BL2(hwAAAABkRAqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jADzCYADw)
  • Horse Bekah (Stability):  BL2(hwAAAABNFQqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xMY/v8jAFzDYADw)
  • Flush Bekah (Mag Size):  BL2(hwAAAADg/QqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//xgY/v8jAHTCYADw)
  • Razor Bekah (Melee):  BL2(hwAAAABozwqCRoAAB4FEJgAcxHAAkAEDIob//x0Y/v8jAMzCYADw)

Legendary Sniper Rifles

  • Skull-Smasher (180% Critical Hit):  BL2(h3WuzAr60VwNpHPUoYZieWeoj+rN7UhIyJRXGskRqKpgeo6nwCDP)
  • Skookum Godfinger:  BL2(hwAAAADdJAqEKIAAB4FELgBcAEMA0AVMBZj//2Rg/v8XAHQEMwDw)
  • Tumtum Godfinger:  BL2(hwAAAACDnwqEKIAAB4FELgBcAEMA0AVMBZj//2Bg/v8XANQDMwDw)
  • Barking Storm (Damage): B L2(hwAAAADdeQiD6AAAEYFElgBcAGMCsAWMBZgbMGRg/v+DAHwEMwHw)
  • Shock Sublime Storm (Melee):  BL2(hwAAAACfuQiD6AAAEYFElgBcAGMCsAWMBZgbMF5g/v+DAIwDMwHw)
  • Chikamin Hawk Eye (Stability):  BL2(hwAAAAC2cwSEiAMJB4FEgoJZAJMK0gVMBZj//2Fg/v+jgvwDcwry)
  • Hyiu Hawk Eye (Mag Size):  BL2(hwAAAAAdAgSEiAMJB4FEgoJZAJMK0gVMBZj//2Jg/v+jgiQEcwry)

Legendary & Mythic Shields

  • Max Amp Damage Bee Shield Fire Resistance:  BL2(B18B7EVXug0YuBN6ZvxVg9zGd7TDY0oi6VjMDBfKUL8nj3V1QJw=)
  • Max Amp Damage Bee Shield Shock Resistance: BL2(B3uU2VhKSuMpHMBC0DX68rU7q34or8G30xc0BVtGNgUxasK7cnY=)
  • Fabled Tortoise: BL2(B5RV2vkR7ysJhQXfl8v1nRLlvtqvzJp2ZBtfyYW/kw/XD2axxG8=)
  • Maxed Effect Neogenerator: BL2(ByljCSzyGRlKcyAYwlIDLED1306CMjGUzjJTYyeUFRc5KcnLm44=)
  • Max Amp Damage Bee Shield Corrosive Resistance: BL2(BzrpwwbOnWYTrd2zRZvCc5+ZepkS0q95+PoRncNU6Ilhzmg7uAA=)​

Conference Call Shot Guns

  • Fire: BL2(h8ZN6Nd0I95N5e+CTNT6H2KAOpnePMWxBqSkFQ/iJ9b46tUGbNwC)​
  • Shock: BL2(hzmkOWcUre7Aqt2wsYwpOMbMcXJFK80rY6VWeXCp3iu3cPiUo4sG)​
  • Corrosive: BL2(h9wrxtwOuWM6IfVJgeDdyeq0XG4OMqoLM1NWaN84BP72ZVu+xFxo)
  • Slag: BL2(hyAT0W9K8vz2lHebjwWCLbYLEwvOH0UPE3qxlRSf0OuCEFScgxZi)
  • Conference Call: BL2(h2b30V2CBKuvMvEvXrDkvKbZwIhp3DjftJpgU2XciuJX+tPx1/SL)​

Ahab Launcher

  • derp Ahab (Damage): BL2(hwAAAACpNQFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBwo/v/DAUxBQQbw)
  • fidle dee Ahab (Rocket Speed): BL2(hwAAAADt+QFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBoo/v/DAZxBQQbw)
  • dum pa Ahab (Fire Rate): BL2(hwAAAABZywFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBso/v/DAXRBQQbw)
  • gaa dunk ga Ahab (Accuracy): BL2(hwAAAAArngFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBco/v/DARRCQQbw)
  • dippity Ahab (Reload Speed): BL2(hwAAAACZvgFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBgo/v/DAexBQQbw)
  • fwap a Ahab (Swap Speed): BL2(hwAAAAAi0AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBko/v/DAcRBQQbw)
  • Deep a Ahab (Mag Size): BL2(hwAAAACQ8AFBRwIACYFEbqIgQzEGsACFGwoIFBYo/v/DATxCQQbw)

Class Mods

  • Legendary Soldier: BL2(B+VlyqywrTP5IzslaERpns45Ur15es8r5I8a6WLtHr+HrKNBnnE=)​
  • Legendary Assassin: BL2(B33KDJEYXlR5JYdBlKUqfTprbF6kGE+Eg2WbIMggxVpqEEXivtU=)​
  • Slayer of Terramorphous Gunzerker: BL2(B2+9/OEpjUi6lJWNaNiDUQ8XW2zU2bmYYOWOn0Py0nFcKldyMCU=)
  • Slayer of Terramorphous Mechromancer: BL2(B9WORBcefev3BsLAnpThC8YBhCNyk1JibMGZI7haP/JhJz4mcxI=)​
  • Legendary Assassin: BL2(B33KDJEYXlR5JYdBlKUqfTprbF6kGE+Eg2WbIMggxVpqEEXivtU=)

Seraph Snipers

  • Shock Patriot SniperBL2(hwGV6BfTYy8uma2l9IeIHZsG/lEunPnEExcpAJOAQk4o52Mow1sY)
  • Fire Patriot SniperBL2(h/i9jgqBota1fZdQvSshZsusMpCUfQ5MpBFOnKXOjHRdzR+qZp+A )
  • Non Elemental Patriot SniperBL2(h/XjvokW9njyi8jnAWNsr3eTVvPT6fgGRShNQwAZ++mI7d4VX3L0 )
  • Slag Patriot Sniper : BL2(h4VHkqlj2EU1WcB3hrOUJaHGA8bbVpinOk6D5+O0DotRuP PoAQFF)
  • Corrosive Patriot Sniper : BL2(h0K6SKCuJ4z/RXu0nh8epsEmzx73Roy2CJj0xbWoM9GnGxGtqdt6)

Special Tip: You can find all the items for weapons, skins, mods and shields and their codes at one place. If you want to use them, you can just directly go to the page and copy the code directly from there and paste it in the editor app. All you need to do is to go to ‘

Gibbed borderlands 2 weapon codes

How To Use Gibbed Codes Borderland 2

Here, we will explain you how to use the Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes in your game. It is very simple and straightforward to use the codes. But firstly, you need to have two things in your hand before starting for codes.

  1. NET Framework 4: Generally, it will be already there in your system. But if you don’t have one,  get it for your system.
  2. Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 Saved Editor: You can use this app to get gibbed codes, change the levels in game,  different items like money & weapons for your character in the game. It is allowed to use this for base game and DLC also. You’ll need to download this app on your system and after the installation is completed, you have to unzip the  “” file.

Here are the simple steps you have to follow to use the Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes. Read carefully, and follow all the steps that we have mentioned correctly.

Steps To Follow: 

Once you downloaded the above mentioned apps in your system you can follow these simple steps to use Borderlands 2 Gibbed codes.

Step 1: After the installation of Gibbed’s Borderlands 2 Saved Editor, open the app.

Step 2: Go to the Open tab on the top left and click on it and load ‘Save’. The editor will automatically select your save folder.

borderlands 2 gibbed codes modded weapons

Step 3: But, if you have save folder more than one in your system, then you have to manually select the save folder that you want to edit. The saved folder will be save0001.sav.

Step 4: Select the accessory or item (Weapons, Shields, Mods, Skins) you want and copy its code from the above list.

Step 5: Go back to the Editor, you will see a Backpack tab. Click on it and paste the item code in it.

Gibbed codes for borderlands 2

Step 6: Click ‘Save’ and the gibbed item will be in your backpack.

Go back to your game and use the weapons or skins you have got.

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We hope we have helped you to know everything about gibbed codes. Borderlands 2 is a must try game for all game enthusiasts. It gives a whole amazing experience while playing. Use the codes, get yourself amazing shining war objects and fill your backpack with lots and lots of weapons. For any details and queries, visit our website TrickGuys. If you found this article useful to you, please share it with your friends.

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